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Don't waste your time, please check this link :

You might resume that webhosting package offered in this website is expensive :-( Webhosting 30 a year 250mb )-:
That is optional for you and is bound to the CLONE-package only - []
Anyhow I can quote Henry Ford's motto : "I am not rich enough to allow myself to buy a cheap pair of shoes!"
... so just apply to a free provider if that pleases you !

You'd better try understanding what you are doing, read tutorials and informations, subscribe to forums,
sign guestbooks, buy a webspace with cPanel where to set your demos,
promote your business, make some SEO, get the tools to be paid (credit card) , get links , learn JavaScript Html and PHP.
...eventually learn using a good program for webdesigning, or pray GOD to win a lottery.
. . .
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